The Challenge

The HIV Caucus or US PLHIV is an organization of networks meant to unify and amplify the voices of people living with HIV. The caucus is needed a solution that was feature rich as well as aesthetically pleasing. An important part for them in this project was strong CMS scalability & Multilingual functionality. All this needed to be complete within 2 months

The Execution

With a tight timeframe in mind we set off on our typical 4 step process but a more sped up version. We ran interviews, established committees for different functions ranging from copywriting to design and function. We leveraged webflow and wordpress CMS to develop and eventually launch the new web solution

Measured Impact

Greenflag has also recorded post launch metrics

34% Increase in Sales | 58% Decrease in Bounce Rate

Client Testimonial

"Greenflag Media took the time to listen to us to understand what we needed; they made us feel part of their team.”
Robert Suttle | Steering Committee Member

United Way Dollarwise


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