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Our Capabilities


  1. Brand design
  2. Messaging
  3. Logo design
  4. print design
  5. packaging
  6. Illustrations
  7. Collateral

Full stack marketing

  1. digital Strategy
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Content creation
  4. Digital Marketing

wEb design

  1. Webflow
  2. wordpress
  3. ecommerce
  4. web development
  5. website migrations
  6. UI/ux design
  7. CRM development

The dream team

Martin Amoako
Founder / Web Design
Martin Amoako
Amanda Klein | Greenflag Media
Chief Project Manager
Amanda Klein
Oscar Martinez | Greenflag media
SEO Specialist
Oscar Martinez
Nicole Osafo-Dedey | Greenflag media
Web Solutions Genius
Nicole Osafo-Dedey
Matt Bailey | Greenflag media
Head of Branding
Matt Bailey
Debbie Balcita | Greenflag media
Head of Digital Marketing
Debbie Balcita

Some of our favorite industries and niches.

We're not for everybody but we do cover a lot of industries, mainly business service, SAAS, Home service, real estate, medical and E-commerce.

0ver 200 projects/clients

  • home services
  • Ecommerce
  • Health
  • Business Services
  • Real estate

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