The Challenge

Opti is an e-commerce startup providing aromatherapy solutions with diffusers, air purifiers and essential oils. They initially kicked off their e-commerce store with Shopify but then but quickly realized it couldn't provide them with the solutions they needed for their brand and business. The goal of this project was to: migrate web, CMS and e-commerce assets from the Shopify ecosystem over to Webflow in a seamless way as to prevent any lapse in traffic and sales and launch targeted digital marketing efforts to boost the company’s bottom-line

The Execution

We started by notating and documenting all pages and assets to be migrated to the new webflow site. We then moved on to design new wireframes and a mockup for the soon to be website and kicked off development after approval of said mockups. The founders Raph and Matt were instrumental in restructuring the copy for the new site. Immediately after launch the Greenflag media team got to work on Social media ads, SEO and search ads to drive traffic and ultimately drive sales

Measured Impact

Greenflag has also recorded post launch metrics:

89% Increase in Sales | 113.92% Increase in Web Traffic

Client Testimonial

"Greenflag Media’s work resulted in an exponential increase in website engagement and an improvement in conversion"
Raph Odouk | Co-founder

United Way Dollarwise


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