Baltimore City Schools

The Challenge

Having been away for almost two years and coming off of the COVID-19 pandemic, BCPS found the involvement of pre-k and kindergarten pupils to be challenging.

  • They wanted to establish a strong academic foundation for them in their early years, but didn’t know where they were.
  • The families of pre-k children with older siblings were easy to identify, but they were essentially tapping into an unknown audience. As a result, they came to us seeking solutions
Baltimore City Schools

Our Solution

We first had to figure out where the traffic was coming from pre pandemic and then either try to establish that pipeline or build a new one. We deduced with some SEO research that the bulk of enrollment sign ups were coming from a select a few pages that were ranking rather well.

  • Due to the time constraint, we decided to take a more aggressive approach with Paid media, specifically Social media Ads and Google search ads.
  • After one month we had increased sign ups significantly but we didn't stop there.
  • We establish a retargeting campaign for users who had clicked through our ads but didn't convert. In an effort to cover all bases.
Baltimore City Schools

The Results

171% Increase in Enrollment | 81% Increase in CTR

Baltimore City Schools

Stakeholder Review

Brandon Tilghman | Head of Enrollments and Transfers
“The level of their service quality made me feel that this was the only project in the world for them.”
No stakeholder review yet.
Baltimore City Schools