APANO Action Fund

Project Overview:

Brand design & website revamp for a 501c4 non-profit arm.

The Challenge

This project with the Action Fund came in tandem with our APANO (501c3) website and branding work. APANO's ultimate goal was to create unique yet similar brand identity and guidelines for the two organizations. We struggled a bit to find the balance between deviating while still staying in alignment with the main brand but ultimately settled down on a middle seat with thorough user research.

The Execution

With a consensus on our strategy for the Action Fund, we got to work to design and deliver visual elements and strategy that not only aligned with the organizations goals and mission but also served to drive engagement from audience members. Our deliverables were: a modern and accessible website, brand identity material (logos, colors, typography, collateral), reusable template assets and a comprehensive brand guideline.

Measured Impact

Greenflag has also recorded post launch metrics:

+517% In Donations    |    +1134% User Engagement

Client Testimonial

"They make themselves available at all times so that you can send them an email, and they’ll respond quickly. They were a great team to work with."
Ashley Mumm | Communications Manager

United Way Dollarwise


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