Trust is a foundation that’s paramount to any relationship. Here at Greenflag media, we’ll make sure you see nothing but positive signs while working with us. Based in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, our team is keen on helping our clients eliminate the barriers that prevent them from shining bright and accelerating. We are dedicated to guiding them through the diverse digital landscape to reach their goals. It’s because of their appreciation that we celebrate a fantastic recognition today.

Just recently, we caught wind that Greenflag media was officially listed as one of the best recommended agencies on The Manifest this 2022! Our team was recognized for nine different categories — design, digital marketing, web design, digital, search engine optimization, digital strategy, inbound marketing, pay-per-click, and search engine marketing! 

What a tremendous honor! We are truly humbled by these amazing recognitions. Looking back at how our journey got started in 2018, we couldn’t be more proud. Led by our founder, Martin Amoako, our team has grown to become what it is today thanks to everyone’s support and hard work. Over the years, we’ve had the massive honor of completing over 250 projects for different clients from various industries around the world.

Seeing their success makes every hurdle and challenge worth it. Their trust is what keeps us going forward every day; it’s the reason why we’re making a name for ourselves on established platforms like The Manifest, an independent business resource platform. For their inaugural recognition, the top B2B partners that earned the most number of stellar reviews from their partners are spotlighted and celebrated. 

For us, this award represents the incredible bonds and amazing collaborations we’ve had the honor of working with. Thank you to each and every one of our clients who believed in us! Your constant support helped us unlock this milestone. Cheers to more exciting opportunities ahead for us this 2022!

Got a project for us? Tell us more about it! Send us a message today and let’s get to more about each other. The Greenflag media team is stoked to work with you!