1. Have a clear call to action (CTA) on your homepage

Your website should turn visitors into engaged customers / buyers. The easiest way to convert your site visitors into buyers and clients is to have a clear "Call To Action". Use the "3 click rule". The three-click rule is an unofficial web design rule regarding the design of website navigation. Essentially what the rule is is that your users shouldn't have to more than 3 times to get to anything. With this in mind, your call to action should follow a 1 click rule, it should always be highlighted at least twice on most pages and at least 4 times on your homepage. Below is an example from our own homepage.

Greenflag Media Homepage | CTA Example.

2. Highlight reviews, testimonials and other trust signals

Many businesses already understand the importance of trust signals and social proof, but if you don’t have a proven way to get site visitors and customers to trust you then you're missing out as a business owner. Simple things like reviews, testimonials, images of your staff / team, and case studies about your products or services can be just the thing get your customers over the edge and convince a them you're the right choice.

Build your Trust!

3. Be Clear in Your Copy and Answer Questions Before their Asked

Many businesses think they do this, but the stats say otherwise. The truth about it is that the majority of businesses / brands aren't clear about a lot of things. As a business owner you have to put yourself in the shoes of your site visitors and customers who might not be all that familiar with you. The job of your site is to answer those questions and concerns that your potential leads might have WITHOUT overwelminjg them (very important). Questions like "who you are", "what you do, and for whom you do it for", "how you are different than the rest" and "where you are located". If you can answer these main question clearly without overwhelming your site visitors, while highlighting your trust signals, then you have a more at-ease lead / buyer.

Answer Questions | Puzzle Solved

4. Use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on in your Website

Google has google analytics while facebook has facebook pixel. Both are great tracking / analysis softwares you can embed on your website. They help the business owner or your web master gather important information on what kind of traffic your site gets and other important informations that could be key in marketing campaigns, remarketing and making website tweaks.

5. Use videos on key pages throughout your site

Videos on webpages can result in an increase in conversions averaging at 86 percent! Our brains process visual info 60x faster than text, so learning about your product or service will be much more effective through video than text.

Example of video on a key page (homepage)

6. Create Content to help your customers and site visitors

It's 2021, and now more than ever content rules the web. Creating quality content is a surefire way to increase both traffic and conversions to your website, but you should also spend some time targeting different market segments. Writing content specific to certain market segments helps you to draw in different customers, and it gives you the opportunity to express your expertise in their industry. The purpose of your content should be to serve your target audience with information. Things like "how tos", definitions and other tips and tricks.

Create content for your customers

7. Find ways to up-sell

According to wikipedia, up-selling is a sales technique where a seller invites the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons to generate more revenue. Up-selling will only work is the service or product you suggest is relevant to the initial product. The buyer has to feel like it makes sense otherwise you’ll just look shady and that will hurt the trust you’ve built in your brand.

Cross selling vs Up-selling

8. Invest in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Paid Ads

For all the previous pointers to work well, your site has to be able to get traffic. As a business getting customers and leads is half the job, by investing in SEO you can do this naturally. Although Search engine optimization is more cost effective, the quickest and easiest way will always be Paid Ads, whether it’s Facebook, Google, Youtube etc. Paid Advertising is the easiest and fastest route to bring in leads.

SEO vs Paid Ads