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Google Ad Grants helps nonprofits share their causes with the world.

Google maintains strict guidelines and regulations for qualifying for and maintaining the monthly grant. We will advise on how to seamlessly acquire the grant and help you set up and mange the Ad account.

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Why running the Grant account can be tough for a non-professional.

Imagine walking into a casino, and the bouncer hands you a briefcase with $10,000 cash, and says you can use it however you want, as long as you use it in their casino. How could you say no, right!? That’s exactly what the Google Ad Grant is for eligible nonprofits — free money!

Once you apply for the Google Ad Grant, there are some ways to screw it up, and guardrails that can and will get your account suspended. Some of it is part of the rapidly-changing ethos of Google (this is, after all, the world of “move fast and break things,”) other aspects are human error.

Benefits of Google Ad Grants.

The grant is $10,000 per month (or more) for marketing on their search engine. As a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional agency, we’re able to help you extract maximum value for your fundraising or communication strategy.

Your organization will achieve an increase in site visitors who have been targeted by their daily search activity. This could include potential beneficiaries, donors, campaigners, job applicants or people looking for a charity to support by taking on a physical challenge.

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